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Salt Sugar Fat - 21 day Sugar Challenge LEVEL ONE Carrot River, SK

  • Shell's Fitness & Soul Centre Carrot River, Saskatchewan 255 Carrot River, SK, S0E 0L0 Canada (map)

Join Mallory in level one of this three part series to revolutionize your health. In this 2 hour workshop we will explore the truth behind three of the most misunderstood ingredients in your kitchen, and how the proper use of these foods can lead you towards a body with less pain, increased energy and greater overall health. This workshop will kick off a 21-day sugar challenge where you will have an opportunity to see and feel first hand the effects of switching up your salts, sugars and fats. Each participant will leave with their own jar of salt, sugar and fat alternatives to integrate into their life and practical tools to assist them during the challenge.

Level one is suitable for anyone looking to understand the difference between good and bad salts, sugars and fats (yes there are good ones that you can enjoy abundantly) and how to integrate these changes into your daily life. Level one is for you if this is the first time you have eliminated such ingredients from your life, or if the low-sugar, high-fat lifestyle is fairly new to your awareness. 

Participants will leave inspired to begin their journey in a 21-day sugar challenge where they will be guided to reduce sugar in their diet. The 21-day sugar challenge will include daily e-mails, recipes, and inspiration as well as general health topics for further study and personal inquiry. Included in the challenge is a Facebook support group where you will have the opportunity to journey alongside other participants and share stories and experiences on the path to lower sugar intake, more radiant energy, and vibrant health. 

Investment: $50.00

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